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We help to create short to long term plans to increase your sales, be more profitable, implement efficient processes, deliver operational excellence to your customers and develop engaged teams.  We offer comprehensive and personalised support for every challenge your company may face.  For example:


Strategic planning - "Where have you come from, where are you now, and where do you want to get to and by when".

- Strategic and business planning

- Business improvement plans


Sales and business development - "Right products and services to the right customers to enable future growth".

- Sales planning and pipeline development

- Bid and proposal writing and review

- Account management plans

- Customer satisfaction surveys and interviews

- Commercial and pricing reviews

- Marketing plans, market research, new products and services


Know your numbers - "What you measure is what you get". 

- Financial planning, setting key targets and reporting

- Cashflow management

- Cost management initiatives


Efficient processes - "Focus on customer satisfaction".

- Business support and operational delivery processes

- Communications programmes


Delivery - "Plans without action are a waste of time".

- Project planning, action plan delivery and monitoring

- Measurement of results and benefits


Talent development- "Right people in the right roles".

- Recruitment, training and development

- Coaching, team building and employee engagement

- Employee satisfaction surveys

- Performance management


We are here to help you succeed!



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Email: dee.beckett@mosaicbusinessgrowth.co.uk


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