Collaboration... what does it mean to you? Some small businesses I meet think it's only for the big corporates.

It can be hard... it's like a marriage... find the right partner (you might need to kiss alot of frogs on the way), build trust, talk ...alot about alot of things like values, what is important, your goals and so on, then develop your combined solution, agree terms, develop processes, and launch together as one.


For smaller businesses I see it as ESSENTIAL for g...rowth...for survival. You get to leverage each businesses expertise, combine strengths, share customer insights, innovate, create a stronger product or service that you couldn't do alone, add value to your clients and customers and more. It's more than a supplier arrangement. It's business A who has product/service A collaborating with business B who has product/service B to create product/service C.

Make sense? Let's bring it to life.


Examples of collaboration :
- a bakery working with a dog carer to create doggie treats.... using bakers' knowledge to bake and dog carers' knowledge of what dogs like.
- a yoga expert working with a nutritionist to create a mind, body and tummy wellness package
- a craft business working with a coffee shop to create a yummy mummy coffee while you craft package

This creates a new product, new customers, new income.


I believe that the opportunity to collaborate is available in every sector every business. It is hard. It is hard ti just come up with the idea of what type of business to collaborate with. But the rewards can be amazing.


Have you thought about what collaboration can do for you? Message me if you would like to chat about this more.


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