Goals vs Action Planning

I often find with my clients that they confuse a goal with an action plan...(a deliverable... a to do list).


I recently met with a beauty salon owner. Her goals originally were create social media, develop Facebook page, create promotions and so on. As we got under the skin of her, her business, her vision of what she wanted her business to be and what she wanted to be known for... the lightbulb came on.


Her GOAL was to :
"Create a unique environment for her clients to feel special, pampered and have fun."

Her Action PLAN to deliver had elements of:
- Sales
- Marketing
- Customer satisfaction
- Financials
- Team management
- Product and service development


Under each of these she had a detailed plan, deliverables and to do list all anchored to deliver her GOAL.

As we went through our discussions she realised if her mindset hadn't changed to what really her GOAL was her original actions wouldn't have gotten her there. Her mistake in 2017 and before. She's now ready to kick start 2018 and go M.A.D. (make a difference). Are you?


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