Pitching your business

Are you booking meetings with potential clients? A pitch can happen anywhere - on a queue buying a coffee, at a networking event, at your child's school fete. You never know who you are standing next to that might be interested in your business. So be ready to pitch... anytime... anywhere.


Pitching your business can be scary but in order for other people to believe in your business and YOU, you need to be able to sell it effectively. By selling it, I d...on't mean a hard sell. I mean have the confidence to explain the benefits of what you can offer to your client. A few tips to help with that are:


1. Be confident. Easier said than done...right? But think about it this way - you know your business. Iff it's a scheduled meeting then they have asked you to meet with them - so they have an interest, maybe even a need. They consider you an expert... a thought leader. They've given you a seat at their table. What have you got to lose? You should be proud - the door has been opened and you are there - that was the hardest bit. Now is your time to shine. You should feel confident. Even at a networking event or an impromptu chat leading to a chat about your business - the other person is interested and has asked. Shine in your moment. Just smile, make eye contact, use relaxed gestures and be enthusiastic without being over the top.


2. Remember the 5 P's - Pre Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Practice, practice, practice your business pitch anywhere, anytime. Each time you'll get a different reaction to be help you mould and shape your pitch. Practice in front of the mirror, family, friends, colleagues, even while walking your dog... to anyone who will listen. They say people make their first impressions in 30 seconds - so make impact but keep it brief. Then they'll ask questions and you can give them more. If they don't ask questions then have a few of your own ready to prompt discussion.


3. Know your Stuff. The market, your competition, your solution / service, the benefits, the features, your uniqueness.


4. Stay Connected and Follow Up. Ask how they wish to keep in contact / next steps.


5. Reflect - What went well. What didn't. How could you improve next time?


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