Pricing... is it too low, too high or just right?

An emotive subject. I myself struggle with it. Do we have one price for all. Tiered pricing structure. Discounts. Promotions. So many options. The secret is.....

Know YOUR worth.... know your product / services worth.


Your price / your worth as a minimum should reflect your:
- costs - have you factored everything in?
- competition - what is the market doing?
- customer - what share of wallet can they afford to spend... is it a luxury or a necessity?
- quality - added value has a premium
- USP - your differentiation has a premium


Do you find it tough to talk about your price? Do you charge your worth? When was the last time you reviewed your pricing? Do you think if you increase your price you would lose customers? Is it an elephant in the room when chatting to prospects?


I don't see it as a price. Never have - even in my corporate career. It is an investment being made by my customer / client. An investment to make things better. To improve their performance, their confidence, their customer experience, deliver their goal etc. Create their story and help them to visualise this and then make sure you DELIVER YOUR PROMISE to get loyalty, repeat sales, referrals, and testimonials.


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